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Our menu is inspired by our own journey into a different aspect of our food heritage. Join us as we celebrate what makes each gastronomic philosophy unique.

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    Embark on an epicurean odyssey in search of the origins and influences of Portuguese flavours, dating back to the cultural exchanges between East and West - and that remain today in both cuisines -, through the vibrant tapestry of Asian gastronomy with Ocean's enchanting menu. In a harmonious symphony of flavours crafted from the bustling streets of Macau to the serene landscapes of Seoul, from the spicy allure of Bangkok to the sleek sophistication of Tokyo, each dish is a poetic fusion of tradition and innovation. Allow your palate to dance amidst the vibrant spices, fragrant herbs, and intricate textures, as you journey through 14 exquisite moments reminiscent of ancient tales and modern marvels.


When we look to the ocean, we see a vibrant world of colour and shape. Following its tides we open ourselves to a world of senses and flavours.


Experiences and stories that explore how we work… Our inspirations, travels, and philosophies.

  • Macau
    Streets of Macao
    For the past five years, Hans and the Ocean team have visited a different part of the world explored during Portugal’s Age of Discoveries. For their latest journey they travelled to Asia in search of the origins, influences, and flavours of the spice trade - and, of course, inspiration for their latest menu.
  • Ocean's Asian food journey: Macau temple
    Ocean’s Asian Food Journey
    For the past five years, Hans and the Ocean team have embarked on their own age of discovery, seeking insight into Portuguese gastronomy through a series of voyages into the past. Each trip would take them to a different part of the world explored during Portugal’s Era dos Descobrimentos.
  • Bahia Trip
    Next stop, Bahia
    After an incredible passage southwards through the Amazon, we arrived in Bahia. In doing so, we had retraced the steps of the very first to settle here.