Ocean Restaurant Dish.

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Our menu is inspired by our own journey into a different aspect of our food heritage. Join us as we celebrate what makes each gastronomic philosophy unique.

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    Ocean's menu rises from the inspiration of Brazilian tropical flavours. In 12 different moments, discover the fusion between indigenous, European, and African roots and be transported on an exotic voyage where every bite is a moment in history.


When we look to the ocean, we see a vibrant world of colour and shape. Following its tides we open ourselves to a world of senses and flavours.


Experiences and stories that explore how we work… Our inspirations, travels, and philosophies.

  • Route to India Menu
    On the Discoveries Route
    On an imagined maritime route at the time of the Discoveries, starting in Setúbal, passing through various points in Africa, with a diversion close to happen due to strong winds through Antarctica, and ending in Goa in India.