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Memories from Brazil Menu: Dish.

The Menu

Our menu is inspired by our own journey into a different aspect of our food heritage. Join us as we celebrate what makes each gastronomic philosophy unique.

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    A perfectly crafted menu is in the making. We travelled around the world to rediscover and combine the flavors that made up our food heritage, for a one-of-a-kind dining experience.


When we look to the ocean, we see a vibrant world of colour and shape. Following its tides we open ourselves to a world of senses and flavours.


Experiences and stories that explore how we work… Our inspirations, travels, and philosophies.

  • Bahia Trip
    Next stop, Bahia
    After an incredible passage southwards through the Amazon, we arrived in Bahia. In doing so, we had retraced the steps of the very first to settle here.
  • Hans Neuner and Jorge Vallejo in The Quintonil Quest II.
    The Quintonil Quest II at Ocean
    Jorge Vallejo, of Quintonil Restaurant from Mexico City (currently No. 9 of "The World’s 50 Best"), cooked with Hans Neuner of Two Michelin-Starred Ocean Restaurant, at Vila Vita Parc in the Algarve.
  • Memories from Brazil: Belem.
    Where the Amazon meets the Ocean
    We came to Belem in search of roots, and arriving at the gateway of the Amazon, we quickly discovered the bold vibrancy that beats at the heart of Brazilian food, flavours, and culture. The port city is home to nearly a million and a half people of mostly indigenous, African and Portuguese descent, and, fittingly, sits at the exact point where the Amazon meets the ocean.