Menu Ocean 2023

Memories of Brazil

Chef Hans Neuner's menu proposal for 2023

Wednesday, Mar 1, 2023

The restaurant Ocean begins another year with a journey focused this time on the unique characteristics and influences of Brazilian gastronomy, an inspiration resulting from the research trip made at the beginning of the year by Chef Hans Neuner and his team to Brazil, continuing the deepening of knowledge about Portuguese gastronomy that he has been developing in recent years.

Memories from Brazil: Chef Hans and team.

From this search for knowledge and flavours of Brazilian cuisine harmonised with the Chef's characteristic bold technique, resulted the new menu "Memories of Brazil" with twelve distinct moments, where we highlight, as an example, the Traditional Cheese Bread | Cheese Bread Ocean’s Style, Lobster “Feijoada” | Pork Belly | Chourizo, “Moqueca” | Skate Fish | Red Shrimp | Trout Roe or the Tonka Bean | Papaya | Physalis.

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This proposal from Chef Hans Neuner succeeds last year's menu, in which we were treated to an inspiring journey to India, exploring the exchange of influences and flavours that is still very present today in Portuguese cuisine. And it can be considered the fourth chapter in a narrative that began, over the last three years, with 'Discovering Portugal', a journey from the north to the south of the country, followed by the 'Island Edition' menu, a leap from the mainland to the islands of the Azores, Madeira and São Tomé. Followed by the journey to Goa, a continuous invitation to navigate between charismatic dishes, typical ingredients and above all influences in Portuguese gastronomy that remain in time until today.

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The tasting menu, in this two-Michelin-starred venue, respects the time of the products and the seasons of the year, which is also part of Vila Vita Parc's philosophy of sustainability. The wine pairing is in charge of the sommelier Ricardo Rodrigues, who is always guided by a careful selection of national and international wines, with preference for limited and exclusive productions, unique opportunities for all appreciators and gourmands.

The menu is priced at €255 per person and offers a pairing option for €155 per person. 

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