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Dedicated to creating incredible food and curating unique experiences, our team welcome you to embarking on a new age of discovery.


Meet our Team

Bringing together experience and expertise from around the world, diversity gives our team a unique way of reimagining our gastronomic traditions.

Ocean restaurant team.
Our crew
Travelling the oceans together

We share a passion to discover and learn from our journey into different aspects of our gastronomic history, looking at them with a new perspective.

Ocean restaurant team.
Hans Neuner
Executive Chef

Originally from Austria, Hans Neuner arrived in the Algarve in 2007 searching for a new inspiration. The incredible story of Portuguese cuisine provided him with a new gastronomic passion, immersing himself in a time travel in faraway places.

The flavours and ingredients he found here led him on a journey throughout the different regions of Portugal’s age of discovery, experiencing the eclectic and diverse influences that make up a vibrant food heritage.

By looking at these travels with a fresh perspective, Hans captures the essence of each journey into a menu that guides guests into an engaging tour of history, earning the restaurant its first Michelin star in 2009 and its second only two years later in 2011.

Chef Hans Neuner
Ocean's Restaurant Manager: Nelson Marreiros.
Nelson Marreiros
Restaurant Manager
Ocean's Head Sommelier: Ricardo Rodrigues
Ricardo Rodrigues
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When we look to the ocean, we see a vibrant world of colour and shape. Following its tides we open ourselves to a world of senses and flavours.


Experiences and stories that explore how we work… Our inspirations, travels, and philosophies.

  • Memories from Brazil: Belem.
    Where the Amazon meets the Ocean
    We came to Belem in search of roots, and arriving at the gateway of the Amazon, we quickly discovered the bold vibrancy that beats at the heart of Brazilian food, flavours, and culture. The port city is home to nearly a million and a half people of mostly indigenous, African and Portuguese descent, and, fittingly, sits at the exact point where the Amazon meets the ocean.
  • Menu Ocean 2023
    Memories of Brazil
    The restaurant Ocean begins another year with a journey focused this time on the unique characteristics and influences of Brazilian gastronomy, an inspiration resulting from the research trip made at the beginning of the year by Chef Hans Neuner and his team to Brazil, continuing the deepening of knowledge about Portuguese gastronomy that he has been developing in recent years.
  • Route to India Menu
    On the Discoveries Route
    On an imagined maritime route at the time of the Discoveries, starting in Setúbal, passing through various points in Africa, with a diversion close to happen due to strong winds through Antarctica, and ending in Goa in India.