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The Art of Dining

From the ocean we take our name, our philosophy, our heritage. Many years ago, from Portugal we sailed out into the new world and discovered fresh flavours and inspirations. Now we continue on our own voyage, our age of rediscovery.


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Memories from Brazil Menu: Dish.

The Art of Dining

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Passionate and dedicated, our team share a love of rediscovering the past and reimagining the sense of wonder that the ocean inspires, searching our memories for a simplicity and purity lost over the years since its discovery.

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Creating our menu

Each menu represents a journey of exploration. By learning about the roots of a gastronomic culture we take our guests on a tour of its local ingredients, methods, and history. A philosophy inspired by connecting the past and the present.

Chef Hans Neuner.

Real discovery begins not in new places, but in seeing with new eyes.

—  Chef Hans Neuner, Ocean Restaurant

When we look to the ocean, we see a vibrant world of colour and shape. Following its tides we open ourselves to a world of senses and flavours.

  • Memories from Brazil Menu: Dish.
    The Menu
    Our menu is inspired by our own journey into a different aspect of our food heritage. Join us as we celebrate what makes each gastronomic philosophy unique.
  • Memories from Brazil Menu: Dish
    Our team shares a passion for elevating Portuguese cuisine to the highest level, while creating memorable experiences for all of our guests.
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    Join us on a journey across the ocean, explore the flavours and tastes of our history.